MP3SRV for BitchX

About MP3SRV

MP3SRV is an server script for the popular UNIX irc client BitchX. It does basicly the same as SPR Jukebox and SD Sailor in mIRC do. It creates a list of multimedia (default: mp3) files on your harddisk, and offers the list and the files for download by anyone on defined IRC channels.

Downloading MP3SRV

MP3SRV comes under GNU General Public License. Click a Link below to download the latest version.

Sunday May 20th 20011.0Initial release
Thursday May 24th 20011.1 Important BitchX patch included. Upgrade mandatory.
Thursday April 4th 20021.2 Small CTCP change

See the history for details on what's been changed.


See README for details. This file is also included in the distribution.

Differences to SPR Jukebox / SD Sailor

For the ones who already know mIRC offer scripts SPR Jukebox and SD Sailor, I provide a litte table that shows differences between them and MP3SRV. When developing MP3SRV, I was greatly inspired by these scripts, and tried to implement most of the features and to provide compatibility with other downloader scripts (for example, the list format is the same). However it was not possible to implement every feature due to limitations of the irc Client BitchX.
SPR Jukebox/SD SailorMP3SRV
Can define minimum and maximum transfer speeds, can stop transfer if client doesn't reach the speed. Neither minimum nor maximum speed is available due to missing BitchX functionality
Customizable messages, with color All messages hardcoded, not customizable, no color
Support for skinsNo skins supported
Sends many notices on events (transfer started, completed, ...) Uses messages only, no notices. Sends only the most important messages
Provides many statisticsNo statistics available, except download counter that starts when the script is loaded
Can include the time when the next slot is available in messagesCannot estimate when the next slot is free due to lack of BitchX functionality.
GUINo GUI, command line only
Random play mp3 files in external player and in channelsNo such feature
When someone leaves a channel and does not return within some minutes, file sends are cancelled and he is removed from queue MP3SRV does not cancel sends, but when it wants to send a file to someone that is not on the channel, all his files are immediately removed from the queue
As you see, MP3SRV has not so many features like the other scripts. But anyway, it does its primary job to offer files and this is the most important thing. I probably won't implement the features mentioned above, because either it's impossible to implement them under BitchX or they are not really needed.

Compatibility with oder IRC clients

MP3SRV has been developed and tested under BitchX latest version 1.0c18 only. It may run also under EPIC or ircII, but I offer no guarantee for this. Send all bug-reports and feedback to

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